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"Octopus Logo"

Welcome to Finkenstein Studios. I’m your host Gabriel Finkenstein, but feel free to call me Gabe. I’m am a bit of a renaissance man as it were, but not in the traditional sense. I am a painter, sculpture, designer, illustrator which does qualify me to say such things, but I bring my own twist to my work. I guess you could call it a filter in which I see the world, and apply to my art.

Finkenstein Studios is my place to share my art. You will see a variety of work from carousel horse sculptures to carton illustrations. My full portfolio will be be available here shortly, and I am available if anyone is in need of my services. From Commissioned Artwork to Prototype Creations, or perhaps a Logo. I am affordable, use a standard creative commons contract, and I am eager to help.

Feel Free to Contact me: