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I had a meeting the other day with a branding firm that gave some harsh yet constructive criticism. As a result you can expect a lot of changes. Possibly the most important for myself is a more professional branding approach. We have decided on an octopus as a logo. It’s still a work in progress, but you will be seeing much more of this little guy. Some people say they wear a lot of hats, well this is the same concept one which I might illustrator using my new logo/icon/mascot guy. A new focus will also go into the Portfolio. Many pieces will be redesigned to work better with the site, as well as provide a downloadable version. But that’s not all…

Starting in June, we will be creating a regular sketchbook posting schedule. This can be anything from a quick sketch on a napkin, to a full oil painting. The idea is to force progression as well as create a virtual time book. This will display how I progress over time, while allowing me to showcase a variety of styles that I am capable of.

You can also expect to see free shwag. Icons, Desktop + iPhone Wallpapers, and anything else that springs to mind will start popping up on the site, free for personal use. And highly suggested that you share with your friends. You can expect these to start rolling out by the end of June. If you have any requests just let me know.

Along with all this we will be opening an online store. I’ll be selling signed prints, original art, stickers, and possibly t-shirts depending on demands. We are aiming to begin selling items by the end of August. There is still some fine details to iron out. Maybe even a few conventions are in the future.

This is all a work in progress, but a very exciting time for Finkenstein Studios.Thanks for all the support and here’s to a very productive and creative year.