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Ninja & Pirate 021

Posted on Aug 24 by

Ok this comic has some backstory on Ninja. It also lets you know what Pirate is up to.  That’s a bit less interesting. Ninja & Pirate is posted every Wednesday evening...


Ninja & Pirate 020

Posted on Aug 17 by

We hit 20!! Ok so not that big but we keep plugging along. This week is no story just the opening page for the first chapter. let me know what you think. Ninja & Pirate is...


Vote for Steam Kitty

Posted on Aug 14 by

Ok, so this is the late but bigger than normal news. I was waiting for my Steam Kitty design to be approved for voting on’s site. Happily it was approved...


Ninja & Pirate 019

Posted on Aug 10 by

A new character joins the cast in this Ninja & Pirate . If you include the dog they can now play a good game of “Smash”. There is also some new info about...


Ninja & Pirate 018

Posted on Aug 5 by

I went for a black and white strip this week. It was fun and I may do more. I was also happy to get the dog back into the strip. Hes been  in it or talked about I think only...


New Britain Museum of American Art

Posted on Jul 30 by

I wanted to let everyone know I will be at New Britain Museum of American Art’s M.A.D. event on the 20th of this month. There will be music, drinks, and food. The museum...